Healthy Living for a Holistic Joyful You!

Healthy living is a balance of physical, mental, and emotional health as well as the development of a spiritual connection. Hello. This is Margarita and welcome to BeACP.

You are invited to join me on a journey of discovery with a pendulum to achieve balance in life and erase life’s frustrations.

It can be a challenge to live a balanced life. Our complex world is filled with choices, distractions and confusion.  We are also inundated with old and new information.  Therefore, it is nearly impossible to know about everything.

Every day we face ordinary decisions that impact our lives. We are continuously thinking about what to eat, what supplements to buy, what to wear, how to exercise (or not). Our decision making also involves others like our kids, partners, jobs and more.

Researchers at Cornell University estimate we make around 225 decisions each day on food alone. We make thousands of decisions daily and each carries consequences that are both good and bad.

A Pendulum is a tool I use to help me make better decisions in life. It helps limit my frustrations by presenting me with answers to my dilemmas. The movement of a pendulum confirms at times what I already intuitively know.

I have learned to trust what my pendulum reveals to me and my intuition has grown as a result.

Wise people tell us to listen to the wisdom of our inner voice. But how many of us really do? Do we really know how to listen to it? Intuition is Spirit itself.

Edgar Cayce beautifully stated: Spirit is the life – Mind is the builder – The Physical is the result.” Most of us live our life with the limitations of our five senses. We pay little attention to the spirit and the mind because we don’t know how to do it.

That’s why awareness is key to making changes.  We can’t change what we don’t know. Every day we have an opportunity to choose what we are going to accept into our lives. Make the choice yours by putting into practice what you learn.

A True Story

I became aware years ago of water filters as an alternative to buying water bottles. After some research, I chose to buy a kitchen water filter. No longer there was a need to buy water bottles for personal use. I put into practice what I learned. From my faucet to my bottle!

Moral of the Story

25% of the plastic produced in the U.S. is recycled. Only 9% of plastic has been recycled globally since 1950, per Green Technology. It makes me feel good that I can contribute a little to a solution. You have free will to decide what to do once you become aware of the information.

I’m a believer that once we are aware of something, we choose what to do about it. Then, we can put into practice that new knowledge. We could also ignore it altogether, but the awareness is there. The choice is yours.

You are invited to take from this site what you find personally useful and helpful. Disregard what doesn’t contribute to your understanding, wellness and well-being.

May you be open to Awareness. Nurture an open mind. Do your own research. Trust your gut. Make a Choice. Practice what you learn.

Healthy living is about feeling good, moving often, eating better, and thinking positively. Health, wellness and well-being is a lot easier since I started using a pendulum.

Learn how to stay healthy with my wellness services. You pay according to the benefits you receive.  The amount is up to you.

Let Spirit be your anchor and life will become joyful!

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