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Distant Healing: Prayer, Reiki, and Other Modalities

Is prayer a form of distant healing? Do you know someone who has experienced a “miraculous” cure because of a group prayer for healing?

Prayers seem to be the most acceptable form of distant or remote healing. Unfortunately, most people don’t see it that way. Honestly, I thought about it because of this post.

Let’s review what distant healing means and some modalities available.

What Is Distant Healing? How does it work?

Distance healing is any form of healing energy where you do not have to be physically present with the practitioner to receive the healing.

This concept was foreign to me back in 2008 when I took my first Reiki classes. As a result, my life opened to knowledge unknown to me.

I believe that I am not just my physical body. But I am part of an energetic field. And that’s how we are all connected. As well as able to help one another and our planet.

Techniques or Modalities

There’s some research that suggests remote energy healing may be beneficial for your health. Regardless of research, I have seen it work.

The way distant healing works varies by the modality being used. With this in mind, and without going into any detail, I discovered what they may have in common:

  • Practitioner’s knowledge and experience.
  • Intention setting and being of service.
  • Being present and focused.
  • Tools being used.
  • Client’s permission.

Prayer, Reiki, Tuning Fork and Pendulums are a few distant healing techniques to consider.

Prayer for Health and Healing

Would a healing prayer be considered distant healing? Yes! I dare say.

Have you ever asked anyone to keep you in their prayers? Or have you been asked to pray for someone?  Apparently, there are countless books sharing stories of miraculous healing.

Most religious and spiritual centers offer prayer services to support those in need. Given that, there must be a reason for it.

For example, Self Realization Fellowship, ends each meditation and service with the prayer circle. Additionally, people can request that the monks and nuns include them in their prayers for healing.

Did you know that there are monastics spending their lives in isolation and prayer? By praying, they counterbalance the non-beneficial energy we create through our negative thoughts and actions.

Reiki Distance Healing

Reiki is hands-on energy healing and can also be applied at a distance.

I failed to understand the remote portion of this modality back in 2008. For that reason, I never got to practice it myself.

Maybe, it was too foreign for me. Additionally, I did not take the time to understand how it works.

In contrast, the hands-on Reiki was absorbing for me.  Even now, thirteen years later, I practice hands-on self Reiki for overall balance. Plus, I also use it to relieve physical pain.

But the remote healing practice of Reiki never took off for me.

I encourage anyone to learn basic Reiki and do “daily self-practice.” It is one of the simplest healing techniques to learn. And the benefits are numerous.

Distant Healing with Tuning Forks and Pendulum

Eileen McKusick, MA, researcher and author, shared her initial adamant skepticism on “remote” biofield tuning. She said she ignored the subject for years!

She used to think: “What? Healing at a distance? That’s crazy.” But then, when she tried for the first time, she changed her mind.

Today, thousands of biofield tuning students and practitioners provide remote sessions all over the world.

My experience using a pendulum for remote work is similar to Eileen’s.

I was surprised when my pendulum moved for the first  time during a remote session. The client was in Bogota, Colombia, and I live in California. Not to mention, we connected through WhatsApp.

Who knows how pendulum remote healing works. The main thing are the results.

I also use my pendulum when buying online supplements and personal care products.  Then, I re-check their resonance when the goods arrive. To put it another way, it blows my mind away!

Energy healing, including distant healing, is a great option to have in your self-care toolbox. Although, it should never replace medical care.

You are encouraged to find a distant healing modality that resonates with you. It is a way to get non-invasive health support without leaving home.

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