Blog: Tools for Healing Your Mind Body and Spirit

Welcome to a blog for finding balance in life. And for healing mind, body, and spirit. A pendulum is my tool of choice to help us on a journey of wellness and well-being. I hope you find a helpful article.

Red heart with a piece of a stethoscope
7 stones hanging out vertically representing each of the chakra colors
cholesterol greasy burger with cheese, bacon, sauce and french fries 500x500
4 young women united by their hands creating 3 hearts. In meadow with their backs to the camera. Photo by Melissa Askew.
Sign that reads: You Are Not Alone - You Matter 500x500
small boy drinking water from a bottle
Small vase with flowers with a glass of white wine on the left and a glass of red wine on the right
WiFi Symbol above Roots like Head
Positive words like Listen, Greet, Let go, Reflect, Pause, Release in different colors
Colorful digital image reminds you of a lotus flower with all chakra colors
Pine cones with green needles
Woman doing pushups. Wearing red pants and white tank top
ocean waves with snow peak mountains in the background. Picture reflects peace and a state of meditation
Picture of traffic lights as they relate to eating: Green is go, Yellow is think about it and Red is stop
Make life easier by using a pendulum. A pendulum is hovering over a navigation map.
A Child Reflects the Mind Body and Spirit Connection