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How do you use a dowsing pendulum?

How do pendulums work? How do you use a dowsing pendulum? Those were questions that went through my mind after watching my good friend’s mom work with one.

She is 85 years old and she’s my inspiration for this type of work. Her practicality and pragmatism suits me well.

I follow a scientific pendulum approach as taught by an European dowsing teacher. This is a system of spiritual and scientific knowledge blended together.

What is dowsing you may ask? This is Oxford dictionary definition: “It is a technique for searching for underground water, minerals, or anything invisible, by observing the motion of a pointer.

What is a pendulum? A pendulum is one of the tools used in dowsing. It is an object suspended on a thread or chain through which the energy from the human energy system flows. This energy creates movement in the pendulum.

You are an antenna receiving impulses and the pendulum is the tool that shows the presence of that energy.

It uses basically the same principle as kinesiologyThey both sense energy.

Pendulum dowsing is an ancient practice dating back to Egyptian times.

Below, please find a basic and free version on how to use the pendulum. If you want to go deeper, I do teach a more personalized and in-depth class.

People tell me they don’t bother using a pendulum or give up using it because they get contradictory answers. That can happen. That’s why it is a good idea to take a class or find a book that speaks to you.

It takes practice to use a pendulum accurately and a few things to consider. If you play an instrument or play sports, you know what I mean about practice.

How do you use a dowsing pendulum?

Instructions on how to use a pendulum

Below is a set of instructions that some of you might find helpful. If you take these tips into consideration, and practice, you will get results.

Everyone can learn to work with a pendulum with practice. Some people may have, for whatever reason, a predisposition. Those will move the pendulum right away but they still need to know some basic information.

My suggestion is to practice for 15 – 20 minutes daily when new to pendulum dowsing. You do not want to practice when feeling tired or frustrated.

Tip #1: Choose the pendulum that works for you

My first pendulum was made out of wood and you can read my story in Make Life Easier with this Ancient Tool.

Before I used a pendulum, the seller told me to hold it often for a couple of days. He said that would foster a connection. I actually enjoyed following his advise.

Most people in North America use crystal pendulums.  Keep in mind that crystals have their own unique energy. And they also hold energy from the surroundings. You may need to clear them often.

Tip #2: Ground and center yourself

You want to be focused and relaxed. Drink water before dowsing to be hydrated.

You are working with yourself, with your own energy so relax and enjoy it. Do whatever works for you to be present and focused.

Normally, I like to work with a pendulum after my meditation. If you don’t meditate, take a few breaths to relax and to be present. Set yourself an intention to be present and open to receive the truth.

Our minds can influence the pendulum. So, watch the pendulum while it swings. Wait with a child-like attitude and wonder what is going to happen. Just relax.

Tip #3: Hold the pendulum in your dominant hand

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If you are left handed, you use your left hand. If you are right handed, you use your right hand. Hold it by its string or chain between your thumb & index finger. Best to keep the string or chain inside your palm and not let it hang.

Tip #4:  Find your wavelength

This is your frequency. Everyone and everything vibrates at a specific frequency. I believe knowing the wavelength is one of the ways to be more accurate.

Hold your pendulum by the string as close to the pendulum as possible. Say: “Show me my wavelength. Start moving your fingers up the string very slowly, until you get a consistent movement. Mark that spot somehow.

I used a piece of paper early on to mark my wavelength. You can also use the length of the joints in your fingers to figure out the length. Whatever helps you remember it, so you do not have to find it every time.

When I first learned to dowse I didn’t know about wavelengths. I watched a video that showed me to hold the string at about 1.5 inches to 2 inches from the pendulum and that worked.

Tip #5: Find your Yes and No

Finding the pendulum’s yes and no response is key to this work.

Many people allow the pendulum to choose the yes and no movement.

If that’s what you want, you tell the pendulum: “Show me the ‘Yes’ direction. Wait until you get a response.

Then say: “Show me the ‘No’ direction.” Wait until you see a regular pattern of movement for each direction.

A pendulum can take up to 30 seconds sometimes to provide an answer. There is no rush. Be present. Relax.

Many people’s pendulum moves clockwise for yes and counterclockwise for no. These are people who let the pendulum choose for them.

I like to make my life easier whenever possible. So, for Yes and No, I decided to tell my  pendulum what is Yes and No.

I moved it back and forth and said: “This is Yes.” Then, I moved it left to right and said: “This is No.”

Of course it took me several attempts and I also practiced an exercise on a piece of paper.  I drew a vertical line (Yes) and horizontal line (No) and told the pendulum to move either way.

That worked for me after practicing a bit.

Tip #6: Test the accuracy of your pendulum’s Yes and No

State something you know the answer to. Like your name, your age, if married, kids, etc.

In my case I can say: My name is Margarita.  My pendulum moves back and forth or “yes”.  If I state another name it moves to no or side to side. Practice using statements like this until you are getting correct answers.

Tip #7: Clear the pendulum

You clear pendulums by tapping on a solid surface when changing subjects. That means, before and after each session you tap it gently against a hard surface like a table.

At the supermarket, I place my pendulum over an apple to see how much life force it has. Then, I tap it on a hard surface to clear the apple’s energy and move on to test spinach.

Using a Pendulum to Test Food

One of my favorite things is to use a pendulum to test food, vitamins, supplements, water, drinks, or just about anything.

By placing the pendulum over the object, it automatically moves clockwise or counterclockwise or neutral.

Clockwise means the object has life force. Counterclockwise means no life force or potentially harmful. Neutral is neutral and has no movement.

I have shared in my videos how helpful it is for me to use a pendulum to test food.

My husband, Jeff, could eat rocks and would have no problems. I have digestive issues and need to be careful.

The pendulum takes the guesswork out of food that can potentially give me stomach pain.

Besides making sure the food has great life force, I also test that the food agrees with my system. I have food sensitivities and choose not to take medication. I use a pendulum instead.

Raw vegetables like spinach and fruits like blueberries, may not agree with my system and can make me sick for weeks.

Everybody’s body is unique. What is good for you may not be good for me, even though it is fresh and healthy.

My dream is to see people using pendulums at stores like grocery stores. A pendulum can help you buy products that have life force and that are good for you and your family.

Was “How do you use a dowsing pendulum?” post informative and useful? Check out my services if you need personalized assistance using a pendulum.

Be Healthy. Be Joyful. Practice Gratitude.