How to Stay Healthy Using a Pendulum: Services and Expertise

How to stay healthy is a challenge for some people more than others. I offered several wellness services using a pendulum. Payment amount is up to you. It is based on the benefits received and what you can afford.

I grew up seeing the results of underlying health conditions and that is the reason why I value good health so much.

My mom had diabetes type 1, the one that you inherit. Her pancreas didn’t produce any insulin and she had to inject it to be alive. My sister inherited this condition and so did her son.

Life is more challenging when you have to deal with a health condition.

Staying healthy takes a lot of knowledge nowadays.

Processed food have ingredients that carry some health risks and most people don’t realize it. Additionally, products like lotions, supplements and household cleaning products have chemicals that undermine our health.

My passion for many decades is studying and learning about total health and well-being.

Awareness has been key to changing my life. Of course, practicing what I learn has resulted in a happier, healthier, and active lifestyle.

There are challenges to staying healthy and luckily, a pendulum can help you.

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How to Stay Healthy With The Help of a Pendulum

A pendulum is an ancient tool I use to stay healthy, simplify, and improve my life. This tool uses the same principles as kinesiology.

Wikipedia defines kinesiology as the scientific study of human or non-human body movement. It addresses physiological, bio-mechanical, and psychological dynamic principles and mechanisms of movement.

Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) said, “If you wish to understand the Universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration.”

A pendulum taps into the frequency of anything (food, supplements, etc.) and is able to show us through its movement, how beneficial or non-beneficial anything is.

Do you want to stop wondering if your expensive supplements are helping you? Is your moisturizer good for your skin? What foods disagree with your digestive system? Is your protein powder the right one for you?

All those questions and more can be answered by a pendulum without having to know any details on the products.

My Wish For You is to Be Healthy

My intention is to contribute, even if only slightly, to your well-being.

I hold certificates in Environmental Medicine, Health and Wellness Coaching, and have a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. See my Linkedin page.

Product Testing Services

Many of us spend a big chunk of money buying supplements, protein powders, essential oils, and other products that may not deliver what they promise.

We hope what we buy works but it is difficult to know if they do. Sometimes they may disagree with our bodies and make us sick.

Nancy is someone who has immune system challenges. She learned the hard way how a particular essential oil gave her an allergic reaction. She now uses a pendulum to avoid issues. Read her text message to me on white background on this screenshot.

A product testing service can help you understand if your vitamins, food, and products are in harmony with your health and your family’s.

A pendulum can help identify food sensitivities for those with digestive challenges.

Always check with your doctor to make any changes.  Please read my disclaimer to learn more. It goes without saying, that pendulum dowsing does not replace common sense.

How to Stay Healthy – Pendulum Services Summary

  • Find out if your supplements are the best for your body and members of your family
  • Learn about food intolerance. That’s helpful for someone like me, who wants to avoid prescription medicine.
  • Discover if your moisturizers, sun screens and lotions are the most beneficial for you and loved ones.
  • Become aware of any radiation coming from your Wi-Fi router box. If your Wi-Fi  sits a few feet away, you want protection.

You can mix and match whatever you need testing.  Test foods you eat often like cereals, breads, drinks.

Watch any of my short videos showing a pendulum at work.

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“Every day we are building the life we must live forever.”

A True Story

A few years ago my friend Susan was having trouble sleeping. One of the two products prescribed by a Naturopathic doctor was high-quality Vitamin E, taken 2x a day. The investment was $60 for 60 tablets.

Her sleep improved and she was back to normal after a couple of months. She was happy and continued taking this brand of Vitamin E.

Using the pendulum, we tested this Vitamin E in conjunction with Susan’s energy. What we found was interesting. The product was great, having lots of life energy and it provided the help she needed initially. But Susan scored a five on a scale of 1-10 with one being the least beneficial for her health.

She could certainly find something more appropriate for her right now.

Moral of the Story

Just because the product is good, it doesn’t mean everybody benefits from it. Susan stopped taking that particular Vitamin E. She’s saving money by switching to another brand that scored a nine for her and is less expensive.

Every “body” is different, and no product or diet provides the same benefits to everyone.” You will hear me say that again and again