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Is WiFi Bad for Your Health?  What I Learned Using a Pendulum

This question never crossed my mind: Is WiFi Bad for Your Health? For years I sat a couple of feet away from the WiFi box in my home office and never thought about it. What about you? How close are you to your WiFi?

Well, that changed for me a couple of years ago when I placed my pendulum over my WiFi router. What I saw the pendulum do when placed over the box was surprising. That led me to do a lot of research and eventually find a solution which I will share with you.

Anyone who knows me or reads my blog knows that my intention is to be of service. Helping others brings me a lot of joy and the reason for this blog.

So, don’t be afraid. To fear your WiFi is not my intention and there is no need to do so. But nowadays, everyone needs to be informed and vigilant to be healthy.

Before I share my findings and solution, let’s review a few things about what WiFi is and how it works.

What is WiFi and How it works

WiFi is a technology that allows you to “wirelessly” connect to the internet, instead of using a cable. At home we have just one box, a router. Many homes have a modem and a router.

This technology is here to stay and I can’t imagine living without it.

How WiFi works? Wireless networks send “invisible” radio waves, a form of radio frequency radiation (electrical magnetic frequencies or EMFs), through the air.

These “invisible or unseen” energies are moving constantly in the air and we are exposed to them. They are things like EMFs, bluetooth technology, cell phone technology.

What I love about a pendulum is that it taps into unseen energies, into their frequency, and it shows through its movement how beneficial or non-beneficial these energies are.

WiFi router radiation – What I discovered with my pendulum

It occurred to me one day to place my pendulum over my router. What I saw was a bit scary.

My pendulum swung extremely fast and forcefully to the left or counterclockwise. I had to hold my arm because the movement was so strong!

Counterclockwise means the energy is non-beneficial or potentially harmful.

Then, I placed the pendulum over my laptop and then over my wireless mouse and my cell phone. All showed the same strong counterclockwise movement. This is not good, I thought to myself.

You can read and watch in my Everything is Energy and Vibration video page, how a pendulum moves and what the movement means.

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Is WiFi bad for your health?  Is being exposed to it harmful?

I don’t have an answer for you. There are people who say no, it is not bad for you. There are people who say, yes, it is bad for your health.

People never seem to agree on anything. That’s how the world has functioned from day one. No blame anywhere. It is the way creation was meant to exist: light and dark, day and night, cold and hot… Ours, is a world of dualities or opposites.

“Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health,” by Martin L. Pall, is an environmental research paper on ScienceDirect. It is quite dry and scientific and I could only take in and understand so much.

I believe that when you add up WiFi exposure, cell phone exposure, bluetooth exposure, no exercise, unhealthy food, stress and more, our health suffers. It has a compounding effect.

WiFi radio waves are low in frequency but still give off electromagnetic radiation. We know that it  penetrates through walls so it potentially can do the same to the body.

We leave our WiFI on 24/7 and are constantly exposed to it. People who work many hours with their WiFi router in their office are definitely taking in more radiation.

I love technology but I am not willing to trade my health for convenience. It reminds me that many people do the same with food. Right?

WiFi Router Radiation Safe Distance

I read an article in Tech Wellness that the minimum safe distance is between 15 to 20 feet.

There are many organizations with exposure guidelines. If you are interested, you can research the FCC, the Austrian Medical Association or the International Institute of Building Biologists.

I found out that there are companies that sell stuff, like orgonite products, to neutralize WiFI EMF.

I got a chance to use my pendulum on an orgonite pyramid, when visiting with a wellness practitioner. He keeps the orgonite gizmo next to the WiFi router.

When I placed my pendulum over his computer, the pendulum did not move. It didn’t move over the router either. That meant, the radiation was neutralized. No pendulum movement means neutral.

So, how did I reduce the radiation coming from my office router?

Reduce EMF from Router

To be honest, my solution did not just reduce the EMF from the router. It actually increased the life force or vitality of these invisible energies moving around.

How do I know that? I use a pendulum to check it out.

It took research and figuring out what would fit my home and lifestyle.

After reading “5 Air Purifying Plants Your Home Needs,” I decided to buy Sansevierias or Snake Plant, also known as Mother In Law’s Tongue. I was not sure what was going to happen if anything at all.

What I noticed was nothing but remarkable!

I ended up placing two 6 “ plants in front of the router. One plant was not enough.

Another discovery is that the plants stopped working their magic after a few weeks.

Believe it or not, the sansevierias started absorbing the non beneficial frequencies coming from the WiFI EMF.

How do I know? I placed my pendulum over my laptop and noticed that it was counterclockwise again.

So, how does the pendulum move now when placed over our router, laptop, wireless mouse and even my cell phone?

It moves clockwise or to the right. That means it is beneficial! It is better than neutral if you ask me.

These plants do more than reduce EMF from my home router. They increase the life force in my office.

Now I keep a snake plant and a peace lily by the router and rotate them every two weeks with similar plants in my house.

I keep an additional sansevieria in my office. They are beautiful. I tell them all the time.

Final Thoughts

My goal is to bring awareness to healthy living. You can choose what to do if anything. It is up to you what you put into practice.

Please forward this post to someone who would benefit from reading “Is WiFi Bad for Your Health?”

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope you enjoyed it.

What is your take away from this post? Would you place sansevierias by your router?

I encourage you to read How do you use a dowsing pendulum? People I know have learned to use it on their own for basic needs. I think that’s terrific! Otherwise, you can  Contact me, if you need to hire my services.