Make Life Easier with this Ancient Tool

Make life easier by using a pendulum. A pendulum is hovering over a navigation map.

Are you looking to make life easier? The summer of 2018 was the beginning of my journey using this tool. I had left a job in enterprise software sales the prior year looking for a more meaningful career in life. That thought has been there for years and it was time to make a change.

Most of my career has been in technology.  The only constant in my life has been the continued search to grow my life spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. I do want to be the change I want to see in the world.

I have been practicing Reiki for years and have briefly been a wellness coach. I decided to deepen my schooling and practice in both areas. All that new knowledge and practice was of great help in my life.  Unfortunately, neither excited me enough to make it my next career in life.

One day I saw my friend’s mom, Margaret, use a pendulum and I was intrigued. She uses it in her healing modality to find answers to help her clients. She is in her mid-80s, has a thriving practice and she’s loving every minute of it.

So, I started to research the pendulum and I became more intrigued and fascinated at the same time. This new adventure was quite exciting for some reason. It felt that it was for me and it was time to buy a pendulum.

My first pendulum was made of beechwood

I purchased my first pendulum from Findhorn Woodwork, an Etsy shop. Rob was the UK artisan who made it. He spent a lot of time answering my questions. and he was extremely helpful, understanding, and patient with me.

Rob shared that he has been a spiritual explorer and practitioner all his life. He got into making pendulums when a teacher from the Brennan School asked him to make pendulums to sell to his students.  It made me even happier that my first pendulum was handmade by a spiritual seeker.

One of my many questions had to do with how he used the pendulum.

Rob shared that when he was an engineering student, he used the pendulum to drill down into specific areas of focus for his exam. He used the pendulum to identify where he should spend the most time reviewing. That was a remarkable story and my excitement grew at the possibilities ahead for me.

Finding and listening to YouTube videos on the subject became almost an obsession. I also bought books that were written in a more pragmatic way because that resonates more with me. All my findings served a purpose and were all helpful.

Finally, my pendulum arrived! You cannot imagine how excited I was to receive my first pendulum! I had read and watched numerous videos by now and I couldn’t wait to start practicing.

I programmed the pendulum movement to show me what a Yes or No meant. I started asking simple questions like: “I was born in X.” My birthday is X. My mother’s name is X, etc. Believe it or not, the pendulum would go back and forth providing a Yes or No answer to my delight.

Fast forward to the summer of 2020

Using the pendulum has helped my life at all levels.

The things I can do with it now continue to surprise me. My teacher told me I have a predisposition for it. Or, maybe it is because of my spiritual practices or because of my desire to help others with it.

Make life easier by using a pendulum 

A pendulum is one of the tools used in dowsing. Just like any instrument, it takes practice to learn how to use it.  Don’t we always want to know what is hidden from us? A pendulum is a tool that can show us what is invisible to the eye.

A pendulum uses basically the same principle as kinesiology. Both methods sense the energy running through the body. A muscle goes weak in the presence of negative energy. A pendulum swings in a certain direction under the same condition.

Getting help from a pendulum requires no particular belief for it to work. It is a tool that helps amplify the body’s sensory perception. It takes practice like anything we want to master. It also helps to have a child-like sense of wonder and no expectations.

Life is simpler for me since I started using a pendulum. This tool has saved me money and time and has improved my well-being. Struggling with everyday decisions can be avoided with the help of the pendulum.

I work constantly on myself to be better spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. Meditation and intentional prayer are key constants in my life. My pendulum has helped me deepen growth in all areas. I now use a brass pendulum primarily and keep my beechwood pendulum in my purse.

The pendulum is of great use with supplements. It can show how beneficial a particular vitamin is for my health.  It narrows down choices and shows which product will be the most beneficial for my body.

Most of us spend a lot of money on supplements. We also want to get the best results when we buy these products. The pendulum will save us time, money, and effort.

A True Story

People take supplements to make sure they get enough essential nutrients and to maintain or improve their health. Often, we do not know if they are doing anything for us.  We just hope they do!

An alternative medical doctor prescribed evening primrose to a friend.  Let’s call her Kate. She was going through menopause and the doctor recommended it. She bought a brand that gave her two bottles of evening primrose for the price of one. Used it for 10 years without giving it any thought.

Fast forward to 2019. Kate asked me to test several of her supplements and beauty products. Using my pendulum, I tested the evening primrose in relation to harmonizing with her body. On a scale of one (least) to ten (most) on how well it benefited her health, it was a six. Mamma mia! What a surprise!

Moral of the Story

The supplement wasn’t bad for Kate but it wasn’t good either. Think of the money, time, and energy she spent using something mediocre for her body.  On a scale of one to ten, I prefer at least an eight on a product, supplement, or food.

Kait found an evening primrose brand that is a “ten” for her. She’s feeling the difference, plus it shows on her skin!

How Can You Use a Pendulum to Make Life Easier?

A pendulum can assist you with a Yes or No answer to questions such as:

  1. Is this supplement in harmony with my health?
  2. Is this product good for my baby?
  3. Is this moisturizer beneficial to my skin?
  4. Is this bread (or cheese, drink, fruit, wine, vegetable, nut) in harmony with my body? (Great for those with food sensitivities, like me)
  5. Is this dish (when at a restaurant) going to make me unwell?

No two bodies are alike. A food or supplement that is good for one person may not be for another regardless of how expensive, organic, or pure it appears to be. Even the same fruit, legume, or vegetable would not agree with every person.

I grew up eating lentils and love them. I cook them in my pressure cooker using a few ingredients. They are one of my husband’s favorite breakfasts. Unfortunately for me, I get acid reflux after I eat them. Instinctively I knew that. My pendulum confirmed my assumption.

Check the Quality of your Olive Oil

You can check the quality of the foods you buy. Olive oil, a favorite of many of us, can be cut, altered, and deceptively labeled before it reaches the bottle. “Real Food, Fake Food: Why You Don’t Know What You’re Eating and What You Can Do About It” points to the fact that there is a lot of deceit in food or ingredients for the sake of profit. Probably we all know that at some level.

The author says not to trust most labels. Words like “pure,” “natural,” “virgin olive oil,” “premium,” “light,” “made in Italy,” may not necessarily be true. Even the term “extra-virgin olive oil” gets put on bottles of low-grade oil illegally. Unfortunately, enforcement is not there.

Using the pendulum to know the quality of food is easy

I can place the pendulum over peanut butter, almond butter, wine, cereals, etc. and watch how the pendulum moves. If it moves clockwise it means the food is beneficial, it has nutrition or vitality. If it moves counterclockwise, it is the opposite and if I were you, I wouldn’t eat it.

There’s a popular Australian brand of wine. One day, I decided to see the quality of their chardonnay and cabernet.

To my surprise, the pendulum went counterclockwise (unhealthy) with medium force on both types. Drinking alcohol in large amounts is questionable.

Drinking a glass of wine from a brand that might have doubtful ingredients or something is just as bad in my view.

I am creating short videos showing the pendulum at work. You will see how different types of food, packaged and perishable, compared with each other.

You’ll also see supplement comparisons like the ones you may buy at a drugstore versus at a health food store.

I am also planning to compare sunscreen as most have harmful ingredients with names we cannot pronounce. The sky is the limit.

A pendulum can also help to avoid life’s frustrations. It can help with everyday ordinary decisions about love or a career immediately. You can get clear-cut Yes or No answers to pressing dilemmas.

Dowsing  or Radiesthesia and the Pendulum

A pendulum is one of several tools used in dowsing. The practice of dowsing is not an exact science. It’s an art that has worked for mankind for thousands of years before the study of science began.

Dowsing (America) or Radiesthesia (Europe) takes an intermediate place between physics and metaphysics. It is related to energy. Etchings of pendulums have been found in ancient Egyptian temple walls. French and German scientists and the like have revived this knowledge in the last couple of centuries.

Science confirms that everything in the Universe is energy. Thoughts are energy. You and I are energy. Water is energy. Fog is energy. We are all one bundle of energy connected to one another. The difference lies in the frequency of vibration of each.

Nikola Tesla apparently said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

Key to Radiesthesia (as dowsing is called in Europe) is finding the wavelength of whatever you dowse. The wavelength is the frequency at which someone or something vibrates. It is like tuning in to the right channel to listen to a particular station if you are using a radio.

Once you find the wavelength, it is easier and more accurate to dowse correctly. It means the pendulum ‘connects’ with the intended dowsing subject.

To find the wavelength of anything, you focus on your subject. Then tune the pendulum string, like an antenna, to a precise length resonating with the vibration of the intended subject.  You then hold the pendulum at that particular spot and start the work needed.

That being said, there are many dowsers who do not use wavelengths and are very good at what they do.

Famous Dowsers

Famous people and organizations have used and continue to use the pendulum to make decisions, find objects, find water, or for health reasons.

Abbé Mermet

Abbé Mermet was a French Jesuit priest who performed “miracles” with his pendulum early 20th Century. He found water in South Africa using a pendulum over a map while in Geneva. He also found lost people and animals.

Father Mermet stated in his Principles and Practices of Radiesthesia: “Personally, I must make my own position quite clear. I regard Radiesthesia as being purely scientific. If it had not been so, I should have given it up long ago.”

General George Patton was also known for using dowsing. He went to dowsers to find water when he carried on military actions in the North Africa deserts during World War II.

The Germans had blown up the water wells when they retreated to prevent the American troops from having water to sustain the army in the desert terrain. A dowser found water using a map.

French physician, Andre Bovis (1871-1947), was also an inventor. He created the Bio Meter or Bovis scale with the help of engineer Andre Simoneton. Andre’s original idea was in understanding the level of nutrition of different types of food.  The Bovis scale measures energy levels of anything: food, medicine, living beings, objects, or geographic places.

Pendulum Accuracy

Is the pendulum 100% accurate? Nothing is. But dowsing is a skill that can be developed and improved greatly. Accuracy is often related to the user, earth fields, other energetic issues, and geometric shapes. It all depends on what particular area you are dowsing.

Speaking of accuracy, let’s take a look at different things we measure:

  1. The condom’s effectiveness is 85% and birth control pills are 91% according to Planned Parenthood. And people still use them.
  2. Top athletes who spend their lives training are not 100% perfect.
  3. Do you ever wonder how accurate the flu vaccine is? You will be surprised at how low its effectiveness is.  Scroll down to see CDC’s Seasonal Flu Vaccine Effectiveness chart. The 2018-2019 flu shot effectiveness was 29%. Other years have been lower. Others, a bit higher. I hope this brings you awareness and knowledge you can use for further research.

Great dowsers have a 90-95% effectiveness. A pendulum is a tool as good as the user.

The Scientific And Medical Network has good articles on Dowsing. You may enjoy reading “Dowsing: A Review.” It discusses the history of dowsing, theories, controversies, research and it provides references. It is dry but definitely worth the read.

This site is intended for those wanting to use a pendulum to make life easier with everyday decisions.

Check out my article, How do you use a dowsing pendulum? You will get basic instructions and 7 free tips to get you started on this fun and fascinating subject.

Do you know someone who would benefit from reading “Make Life Easier with this Ancient Tool?” Below you can share and or post a comment or question.

Thank you for taking the time to read Be Aware Choose Practice (BeACP) post. Hopefully, you learned something that you can put into practice.

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  1. Jeri
    Jeri says:

    I wonder if the glass, plastic, paper, metal lid, etc can interfere with the product reading by the pendulum?
    Does it matter what the pendulum is made out of and does it have to be preset or can you assume clockwise is good and counterclockwise is bad?

    • Margarita Cramer
      Margarita Cramer says:

      Great question Jerilyn! The container does not really interfere with a pendulum reading. If you hold your pendulum over a bottled water, just to check the water, it will automatically move either clockwise (has life force) or counterclockwise (no life force or “dead”). It is irrelevant that the water is in a plastic bottle.

      The material of a pendulum matters as my teacher has taught me. Crystal pendulums are popular in the USA. Crystals carry their own energy plus they absorb energy. Clearing them in between is key.

      Wooden pendulum also needs clearing in between testing. You clear a wooden pendulum by tapping it over a hard surface. It is also best to use a natural string instead of a chain, so the energy flows stronger.

      Yes, you can assume that clockwise is beneficial (has life force) and counterclockwise is not-beneficial (no life force). Product testing is the simplest way to use a pendulum. A pendulum is a powerful tool and can be used for many things that do need presetting.

      Thank you for your questions, Jerilyn. Please do let me know if your questions were answered to your satisfaction.

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