Videos: Everything is Energy and Vibration

According to Scientific American, everything is energy and vibration:

“Everything in our universe is constantly in motion and vibrating. Objects that appear to be stationary are actually vibrating. All matter is just vibrations.”

BeACP YouTube Channel

Watch how I use a pendulum to test the vibration of numerous things. With this in mind, you can learn the energetic power of anything.

Click on any playlist below. And then, check the upper right menu to see the numbers of videos on that playlist.

  1. Fresh and Processed Foods Reviews. Watch the pendulum movement over foods (fresh or processed).
  2. Nutritional Products Reviews. See how the pendulum reacts over vitamins, nutritional supplements, protein powders.
  3. Personal Care Products Reviews. Watch the pendulum movement over sunscreens, skin care, house cleaning products.
  4. Positive And Negative Energy Reviews. Watch the pendulum reaction to pine cones, WiFi radio frequencies, and more.
  5. Drinks Reviews: Watch the pendulum over bottled water, juices, energy drinks, wines and more.

Using a pendulum to test food, certainly has numerous advantages.

For example, you can avoid potentially harmful ingredients in foods and personal care products.

Though most fresh produce is considered healthy, some people experience digestive issues when eating them. For example, tomatoes, spinach, avocados, and blueberries can potentially harm someone.

If you have digestive problems, a  pendulum can show you what foods would disagree with your body.

Please honor your intuition. You can make your life a little easier, happier, and healthier by using a pendulum.

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