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What Is The Healthiest Bottled Water To Drink?

The million dollars question these days seems to be: “What Is The Healthiest Bottled Water To Drink?” I read an eye opening article about the bottled water industry. Then, I went to the store to test a few water brands using my pendulum.

I picked at random seven bottled waters, and shot a video at the store. What I noticed left me speechless.

To my surprise, only three bottled waters of seven, would be considered safe to drink. I trust my pendulum responses and I hope you do too.

You will get to watch the video on my next newsletter on May 20th. Coincidentally, that would have been my mom’s birthday. That’s a perfect day to share something that may help you and your loved ones.

A pendulum measures energy flow or ‘vitality’ by tapping into the frequency of anything. Other cultures refer to that energy flow as “life force, prana or qi.” You want lots of ‘vitality’ in anything you eat, drink, put on your skin or breathe.

Everything and everyone has a frequency. And if you know how to use a pendulum, you can see with your eyes, what is otherwise invisible.

Preparing for this post, opened my eyes to the water industry.

The market size of the bottled water industry in the USA, is over $31Bn and growing. Their profit margins are high. And they are not regulated.

There are hundreds of bottled water brands and types. And I will share what I tested to be the worst, the healthiest and what we do at home.

What Are The Worst Bottled Waters

I found the information below in ChicagoNow. The article was written in 2010. My pendulum confirmed the brands below to be non-beneficial except for #4.

Top 5 Worst Bottled Water Brands

  1. Aquafina (Pepsi admits Aquafina comes from tap water)
  2. Nestle Pure Life (this company tries hard to promote its water, but there are still issues)
  3. Dasani (bottled tap water by Coca Cola)
  4. Glaceau SmartWater (this water tested clockwise or beneficial with my pendulum)
  5. Vitamin Waters (the most popular brands tested non-beneficial)

These water brands may not be the 5 worst. And the reason is that there are hundreds of bottled waters as of 2021. I tested many other brands and found them to be also non-beneficial.

My pendulum gyrated forcefully, counterclockwise, over a Nestle PureLife 16.9 oz. Someone gave me this bottle. My pendulum reacts the worst with this particular bottle. Why do you think?

I had similar results testing Aquafina, Dasani and a few vitamin waters.

A pendulum takes into account many things when it rates the energy of a product. The quality of a product, how it is sourced, the company behind it, etc., create a particular frequency that a pendulum is able to tap into.

Watch how a pendulum reacts to eight bottled waters and a glass of H2O from my whole house water filtration system.

What Is The Healthiest Bottled Water To Drink

I tested the bottled waters below with my pendulum. The movement was clockwise or beneficial on all of them. Carlsbad Alkaline and Arrowhead Mountain Spring were the best of the five.

Carlsbad is the healthiest on this list.

  1. Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water 
  2. Fiji Natural Artisanal Water
  3. Evian Natural Spring Water
  4. Glaceau SmartWater
  5. Carlsbad Alkaline Water

The stores are selling many brands of alkaline water nowadays. I checked a few at Sprouts and the prognosis is not good. The majority of them tested non-beneficial.

Bottled Water Quality Testing

Did you know that bottled water usually has an expiration date? I did not know.

Though water itself doesn’t expire, the plastic can begin to leach into the water, contaminating it with chemicals. Wow!

You may want to Google “history of bottled water recalls.” There have been many recalls as recent as March 2021.

If you have emergency bottled waters, please rotate them. I honestly did not know about any of these issues until now.

Consumer Reports would like for you to rethink your bottled water habit. And they give you plenty of reasons with lots of research behind it.

Whole House Water Filtration

I rarely drink bottled water because we have a whole house water filtration system. We installed LifeSource almost 25 years ago. Before that, we were using an under the sink water filtration.

The LifeSource water filtration still works well for us after all these years. Our water tastes good and my pendulum confirms that it has good energy.

A whole house water filtration system is great to have. It means you can drink water from any faucet. Plus, you can fill up your own water bottle when going out.

Showering was the main reason why we installed the home water filtration system.

My husband, Jeff, enjoys taking hot showers. Apparently, hot water mixed with chlorine in tap water may cause unhealthy chlorine by-products. When taking a hot shower, you inhale and absorb through the skin those chemicals.

I believe a house water system is a great solution for anyone. And it is good for our planet.

There are many water filtration systems to suit different needs. Please do your own research to learn what may be best for you and your family.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I hope it was helpful.

Be Aware Choose Practice’s goal is to bring awareness to healthy living. My pendulum is a tool that helps me with that.

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I invite you to read How do you use a dowsing pendulum? You will learn how helpful this tool can be for you.

Staying healthy is worth it. Please be the captain of your health.