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What your aura says about you 

Do you want to know what your aura says about you? Everyone has an aura. Just because most of us cannot see it with our naked eyes, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

When someone references an “aura,” they’re talking about the unseen energy field that surrounds all living things. Scientists call it biofield, electromagnetic or energy field.  Anything alive has this field: people, animals, trees.

Aura and chakras are terms Western people relate with the New Age Movement because they popularized it back in the 80’s and 90s.  Let’s keep in mind they didn’t create it. The chakra system originated in India between 1500 and 500 BC in the oldest text called the Vedas.

Be Aware Choose Practice (BeACP) is about a balance of physical, mental, and emotional health as well as the development of a spiritual connection. All these states are manifested in our aura and chakras.

We are energy beings first. We are part of a little star as astrophysicist, Tom Chi, recently shared in a Tedx Talk: Everything is Connected. Here’s How. Watch it if you get a chance.

Albert Einstein said that everything is energy. And that this wasn’t philosophy but pure physics.

Do you remember meeting someone and thinking: ‘that person gives me good vibes.’ Or maybe you have a friend that brings you down (or up).

Have you visited someone at a hospital and find yourself  feeling uneasy the moment you walk in?

They are all unseen vibrations of energy, my friend. The aura is heavily impacted by the situations and people you interact with.

Since you are constantly exchanging energies with the people around you, it is common for your auric field to continuously change. Other people’s negative emotions and energy can influence your energetic field.

Auras And What They Mean

Three years ago I took the course, Change your Aura Change Your Life, at the Spiritual Arts Institute in Encinitas, CA. They may still offer it.

I learned that the aura or energy field is defined as a vibratory essence that surrounds all beings. It is the blueprint of the soul, the individual expression of the universal life force.

By changing the quality of the aura, someone can change the quality of their life.  Everything we think, feel and do radiates a spiritual energy. That energy comes through in various colors and hues.

Figure sitting in lotus position with color chakras and around surrounding whole body

How do you change their quality of your aura? It involves work. Things like meditation, prayer, working with power rays and color and also being in nature.

One tip to consider is that the colors you wear have an effect on your auric field.

That’s probably why I don’t like wearing colors like gray or brown. Think vibrant colors whenever possible.

Barbara Martin was one of the two teachers in my aura class. She was also the only one that could see auras. She was born that way.

Several times during this six week course, Barbara would tell us the aura color we were vibrating the most that night. It was interesting to say the least and we all loved that part.

Few people can see auras just like few people can see angels. They either were born with that ability or something happened in their lives that awakened that side of them.

Auras and chakras work together. They change in real-time depending on what is going on in your life. The chakras or wheels are inside our body and are located alongside the spine. The aura or biofield or energetic field is what surrounds the body.

How To Find Out What Your Aura Is

There are ways to find out what your aura is. The most popular is aura photography. Can you really photograph an aura? I had one done back in 2009. The feedback I received plus the report, were right on with my situation at that particular time. Keep reading and you will find my true story.

Aura photography is called Kirlian photography. It is a collection of photographic techniques used to capture the phenomenon of electrical coronal discharges. It was created by a Russian electrical engineer.

My scientific dowsing teacher, who lives in Canada, uses kirlian photography. She has shared pictures of the energy radiated by different types of pendulums. The pendulum I use in healing is the Super Isis 16 and it truly radiates gold energy besides other colors.

You can type ‘aura photography near me’ and you will probably find a few offerings. As always, make sure you go to an accredited person or get a referral for someone.

By working on your aura, your chakras (energy centers)  and by clearing your energy, you will find the negativity you may hold on to, will become less and less.

I will show you in my next video how I clear my energy centers or chakras and the entire energetic field using my pendulum.  Any mood is gone and I feel lighter once I’m done.

There are healers in Europe that only focus on clearing the energetic field or aura and chakras.

What does your aura say about you? Let me tell you a little story of something that happened to me many years ago.

A True Story

My husband took me to Sedona, Arizona, a month after my mom passed away suddenly in April 2009. It was my first and only time in Sedona to date. People who have lost someone they deeply love, understand how shocking that experience can be.

While walking in Sedona, I saw a crystal store offering aura readings and I wanted to try it. I felt drawn to it because I was looking for answers to recent events after my mom’s passing.

The store had a computer-based aura camera program. I remember sitting in front of a computer. I placed my hand on some type of sensor for a bit of time and a picture was taken.

Next, my picture with the aura image was displayed on the screen. Then, a report started to print a bunch of pages.

The first thing the aura interpreter asked me was: “Why are your chakras so low? Your energy level is almost at the bottom. What is going on?”

I told her what happened the previous month and then she started to cry. Not about my situation but about the predicament she was going through.

Her mother was very ill. She had not seen her in a long time. And she was debating making the long trip to Eastern Europe. She was the store owner and there was a lot to consider if she went on a trip. I often wonder if she made the trip.

Moral of the Story

By being open minded I learned a lot about auras and about myself. Since then, I have taken courses on it. The energy field we all have impacts our lives more than we can imagine.

St. Francis says: “grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled as to console.” That is what I ended up doing: Listening and helping the lady at the store with her mom’s predicament. We helped heal each other if just momentarily for me.

What your aura says about you 

Do you need to know how to find out how your aura is to be happier? Probably not. But if you do, start by buying the book Change your Aura Change your Life by Barbara Martini and Dimitry Moraitis.

What can you do to change your aura with minimal work? Try wearing happy colors like those in the chakra centers.  Be kind to others. Focus on positive thoughts. Repeat positive affirmations. Find ways daily to uplift someone. Pray for yourself. Pray for others. Stare at natural colors in flowers and take in that vibration.

By  the way, I dug up my aura report. It is 22 pages long. My main aura color is Yellow. This main color reflects personality and traits. Some of my traits are: Creative, easy going, intellectual, philosophical, optimistic, curious. Actually, those are some of the ways people describe me. Hmm.

Below find scientific organizations working on the energetic field or biofield aka aura:

Institute of Noetic Sciences

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Thank you for taking the time to read this article.  Did you learn anything helpful? Can you put it into practice?

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