7 stones hanging out vertically representing each of the chakra colors

Where To Start on Your Spiritual Journey?

Have you ever wondered where to start on your spiritual journey?  If you have, are you aware how your chakras affect you? Even WebMD is talking about them! With this in mind, learn what chakras are, their meaning, how they impact your life and different ways of balancing them.

Because my chakra system knowledge is minimal, I watched an interview with Anodea Judith. This post is mostly about what she shared.

Anodea Judith is a globally recognized teacher, healer, and writer.  She holds Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Psychology and Health. She’s a therapist with lifelong studies in somatic psychology, mythology, history, sociology, systems theory, and mystic spirituality.

Ms. Judith believes that the chakra system has a profound correlation to human psychology and cultural evolution.

By watching this interview, I learned that childhood experiences impact the chakras. As a result, we create our excessiveness and deficiencies in life. To put it differently, we create our personal issues.

You are invited to keep reading and hopefully, everything will make sense to you as it did to me.

What Are the 7 Chakras?

Chakra literally means wheel or disk of life. Your body has 7 “wheels” or energy centers or chakras in the body. And they represent different levels of a person’s consciousness. This knowledge dates back thousands of years.

Anodea shares that we assimilate, store and express energy. And  that this assimilation of energy happens at seven different levels. Not only… but also, these levels cover the full spectrum of the human experience.

People like Edgar Cayce knew that these spiritual centers in the body are in alignment with the endocrine glands. He talks about the lower chakras as “earth.” And the upper chakras: “as it is in heaven.”

In all seriousness, most of us don’t think about our endocrine system. Much less about our chakras.

Let’s hope that by becoming aware of this information, you choose to put something into practice that brings you balance. As a result, you may realize that your chakras are connected to your spiritual journey.

What Do the 7 Chakras Mean?

Below is a list of the 7 chakras and their meaning per Anodea’s discussion.

1st: Root. Earth element. Located on the base of the body, the one we sit on. This chakra is related to the earth. It is about our ability to be grounded. It relates to our connection to the earth, bones, muscle, survival consciousness.

2nd: Sacral.  Water element. Water goes down into the earth. We plant the roots on the earth and the next thing we do is water them. It means to stand in one’s own place. Overall, it is connected to our desires, our sexuality and our drive.

3rd. Solar plexus. Fire element. This is the power chakra. And it is related to me. It is about my will, my drive, my autonomy and my self-definition. In fact, it is the furnace of the body and the supplier of energy.

4th: Heart. Air element. Healing is part of the heart chakra. This wheel is related to forgiveness, love, peace, and empathy. It is the balance point in the chakra system because it is located in the center of the seven. 

5th: Throat. Ether element or Sound. It is the smallest part of the body. It purifies the energy of the lower chakras as they move up to the higher chakras. In short, it is related to communication, creativity and self-expression.

6th:Third Eye. To command and perceive.  It is about our intuition, dreams, and visualization. This chakra pertains more to spiritual development than physical well-being.

7th: Crown. Consciousness looking at the self: Who am I? What is a thought? It is the connection to the beyond. This chakra is also about spiritual development.

Can Chakras Open and Close?

Anodea sees the chakras in terms of excessive or deficient and not open or close. When I personally work on chakras, my intention is to bring balance.

No one has a totally closed chakra, Anodea says.

An example of an excessive chakra is “someone” who did not get enough love growing up. With this in mind, “someone” compensates by wanting attention. Because of that, that someone may be more “excessive” in needing attention and need to let go of energy.

An excessive chakra needs to be discharged. Talking is a discharge. Crying is a discharge. Working hard is a discharge. Exercise is a discharge. Those are ways to let go of energy.

A deficient fourth chakra (Throat) can manifest in someone who speaks very softly. In this case, this someone may be shy or with a tiny voice and can feel powerless.  As a result, this person is passive and gives the power away.

A deficient chakra needs energy, it needs to be charged up.

We charge up by taking energy from the outside to the inside. We breathe from the outside to the inside. We take in food and information.

One thing to keep in mind is that our chakras or wheels are constantly spinning. To that end, it is a constant balancing act.

Keeping the chakras and the entire energetic field balance is doable. Some practitioners focused on chakra balancing only. That’s how important they are!

Balancing the Chakras

Using a tuning fork is right now my favorite way to balance my entire biofield. Please let me share a little about what I do.

Traditionally, tuning forks have been used to tune musical instruments. I don’t play any musical instruments, so that was new to me.

Tuning forks cover the necessary frequencies for all sorts of instruments.  As a result,  people are now using them to tune the human body. After all, everything is about the hertz (Hz) frequencies.

I started using a tuning fork in July after attending a workshop by researcher and author, Eileen Day McKusick. She recommends using this tool, twice a day for about 10 minutes for optimal health and well-being.

One of the things I notice using the tuning fork is that my entire biofield remains balanced, including the chakras.

The chakras are inside the body while the biofield (energetic field) surrounds the body. In fact, HeartMath has conducted studies and has photos showing the biofield extending as far out as 3 feet around you. 

Before the tuning fork, I used a pendulum to balance my entire biofield and the individual chakras. If you have a pendulum, you are invited to watch how to use a pendulum to balance chakras.

A pendulum is a great tool for confirming if something works or not. For this reason, I use my pendulum to check if my biofield and chakras are balanced.

You are not just your body, mind, thoughts and emotions.

Finding Your Own Spiritual Path

Humanity is on a journey from the love of power to the power of love. Love really is the answer, continues Anodea. To put it differently, our chakras are a map of the journey and they can help us navigate the twists and turns.

Ms. Judith said that climate change is the perfect problem to get all nations to cooperate. Instead of an enemy, the enemy is climate change.

This is a problem to solve. And united we can do it. Think of it as cooperation instead of competition.

We are now seeing world leaders coming together in a way that is cooperative instead of competitive.

We, as people, can help move the collective forward by how we live our lives.

At the individual level, meditation can help. Studies show that meditation quiets the amygdala (the “me” or “you” type of thinking) and changes the brain.

In conclusion, the truth is that no one has all the answers. It is all about transformation and asking questions instead of giving answers.

Disinformation is rampant and each of us needs to employ critical thinking.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. I invite you to reflect upon what Anodean shared about the chakras.

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